KAYLEE AND MATT WERE THE 2016 WINNERS OF THE "LET'S GET MARRIED GIVEAWAY"!! TO ENTER THE 2017 COMPETITION, HEAD TO http://bedfordphotography.com.au/winyourwedding/ Video by Way Up High Films Photography by Bedford Photography Celebrant, Amanda Knapton from A Celebration Day Invitations by Eyes On Solutions Florals by Floral Fix Styling by Nunu Designs

What is the best time of the day for photoshoot on your wedding day?

We often like to answer this question with when is the worst time. For us as cinematographers (and it would be the same for photographers) would be when the the light is directly above. The sun is harsh and can cast ann unpleasant shadow. That being said, we are personally not big fans of organising your whole day so you can capture those stunning iconic sunset shots. The priority always has to be you the couple and the comfort of your guests who don't often appreciate the main attraction disappearing for a 4 hour photoshoot. This can also end up becoming an unnecessary expense adding all those extra hours to your package. We as cinematographers capture our best footage when everyone is happy and relaxed and not stressing about photoshoot. Of course it's very important to consult with your photographer about location and time of photoshoot but it is not priority. We filmed a wedding recently for Niki and Jason who did just that. They allocated a short time for a mid afternoon photoshoot and as the day progressed and the light became more favourable we would sneak out for a few quick photos. Ironically it was these quick photo sessions at sunset that featured in the film, not so much the photoshoot. However if getting those stunning photos at sunset is up there on your list then I suggest looking at a winter wedding. The timing of sunset seems to work best with the flow a typical wedding run sheet. And talk about light, wow!!! Have a look at one of our latests films to see an example of light on a an overcast day followed by one of the most beautiful rural NSW sunsets we've seen. 

Sunset Weddings - Waldara Farm Country Weddings

This Film is all about country weddings. Here at Way Up High Films we cannot say enough about how special country weddings can be. We are happy to go anywhere in this beautiful sunburnt country to capture the special moments that were captured here in Sam and Deans wedding. Waldara Farm has it all. 3 hours from Sydney, stunning luxury accommodation all situated on a working farm. And what about the scenery!!! We've been lucky enough to film 2 weddings on Waldara farm in the past month and both did not disappoint. Something about bringing family and friends together to this location adds a whole new dimension. People all together out of the hustle and bustle able to focus fully on just having a super time and celebrating. Sam and Deans photographer Tim Williams made the call late in the day for a sunset mission. So much fun running up that hill :)

The First Look

We notice the First Look is becoming more and more common each year that we film weddings and honestly it is something that we love to film. From our point of view it is such a privilege to capture that special moment. Most commonly the modern theme on this old tradition includes just the bride and groom (photographer, cinematographer in background) in a private location. Our experience is that this is such a positive experience for the couple to have together. Anyone who is married will tell that once the ceremony starts the whole day will fly by in a flash so being able to spend this time together can really give the couple a chance to take it all in and feel really present with each other. Then once the guests arrive and the ceremony is over they can then focus on making everyone feel welcome to the big day. Remember people often travel extraordinary distances to come to your wedding so it is important they all feel they have spent a special moment with you act some point during the day. Don't wait to just see them on the video. The first look that you see on this beautiful wedding film of Tina and Tom at the Deckhouse Woolwich is a very special example of first look done well. So hard not to tear up. Harder when you are present at the time :)   

Cathrin and Rowan - Hopewood House Wedding Film - Bowral

Hopewood House is a stunning venue located very close to our home in the Southern Highlands. It has a history as old as the towns located only a stones throw away. There is a special moment half way through this film that you must watch. Hope you enjoy!

Jess and Trent - Orso Bayside Reception, Sydney - Wedding Film by Way Up High

This couple have secured a special place in our living room. We are lucky to get a lot of thanks from our couples which is so much appreciated. Getting a special thank you for doing your job is something we are truely grateful for, especially when you get one that comes in the mail. Mail is not very popular these days which is a shame as still gives you a lift when you receive a personal hand written note from someone. See photo :)


Milena and Michael - Oatlands House, Sydney

Please look have a look at out latest film. A beautiful Russian Orthodox and Serbian wedding coming together in the heart of Sydney at Oatlands House. The choir in the ceremony was so beautiful we had to include these sounds in the film. Sometimes when you edit a film you just have to get out of the way and let things unfold naturally letting the vision and sound tell the story. This I believe is what makes this film so special. When I look at this film I am transported back to experience this as that it is happening now. Please enjoy and look for more to come :) On a side note, didn't christmas come quickly this year?

Bookings for 2017

Dates for the second half of 2017 are filling fast with October and November already close to being booked out!!! Thank you for all the couples who have booked us so far! 2017 is shaping up to be epic year for weddings! Please enquire now if you are considering a wedding film as we would love to hear your plans and let you know if we can help :)

Have a look at our latest couple Shannon and Cale who had one crazy fun wedding day!!!

"Kara and Brad are truely amazing people and do the best work! Cale and myself could not be happier with our video and highly recommend them! Thank you guys so much." Shannon Greer

Jacinda and Sinisa

This wedding is an example of what happens when a wedding planner creates their own perfect day on the family property. A grand vision full of beauty, detail, emotion, romance and most of all fun! I must admit with such a big day planned I did have my doubts that we would be able convert all that was captured and represent the fun and emotion of the day in a short film but I think we did OK on the one :) In order to do that we had to do things a little differently. Please enjoy!

Send us a note if you would like a list of the vendors on the day.

Sharing some moments :)

Thought I'd share a little sketch showing some family footage we have taken over the last year with our Canon 5D Mark 111 and the Canon Super 8 518 SV. Sometimes we love to morph these 2 formats together. The super 8 film can create a feeling of nostalgia (especially with travel photography) and the bright crisp dynamic colours of the digital 5d mk111 bring real burst of energy. Footage locations were in New York, Moosehead Lake Maine, Palm Springs California and Bowral NSW. The dog's name is Zali and we picked her up from the pound about a year ago. As you can see she has settled in nicely. Pets quickly become such an integral part of family. :)

See below: a lesson in how to blow people's minds at a wedding!!!!

Wedding Speeches. We've heard the good, the bad and all shades in between. This one though, really takes the cake!!! Please watch and enjoy as the bride's sister pays special tribute :)  #epic #weddingrap #whoknew #canyoudigit #weddingvideo #lovelocalcamden#jayandsinwedding Sarah Jay & Co Dean Snushall Photography Rita O'Reilly, Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant Divine Celebrancy Funktionality - Events And Experiences The Chef and I

Mulling over the idea of a winter wedding?

THIS WEDDING!! If you are playing with the idea of a winter wedding you need to see this film! From go to woah, this one rocked! Set in the beautiful grounds of Bendooley Estate this gorgeous winter wedding had mulled wine, cozy fires, a lot of laughs and certainly started our season off with a bang! Much love and best wishes Tessa and Alex!! Their dream team included Snippets PhotographyKAREN WILLIS HOLMESEthix makeup beauty and stylingSydney Marriage Celebrant - Melissa Soncini, Music - Worshipper by Lily and the Bellows xxx

“I don’t believe in destiny, but as a scientist I believe in the laws that create intricate beauty in the universe, that find harmony in the chaos. I don’t believe that you are the one I have been sent but the one I am so very lucky to have found, to choose to make mine, to love with all my heart.” Tessa

Super 8 Wedding Film - Sarah and Matt

About a year ago, we found an old Super 8 camera at Brad's mum's house. They had used this camera throughout his childhood to capture all of the family get togethers, celebrations, love and laughter. Slowly but surely, the camera was left behind, gathering dust as the family used their new video camera to capture life events. Years later, this lovely old camera has had a new lease of life with us and we just love the nostaligic feeling it gives to our wedding films. Here is a little snippet from Sarah and Matt's gorgeous Bendooley Estate Wedding, where you can see how the old film and the new come together!  Bendooley Estate James Day Photography #super8#weddingvideo #realfilm #superfun

It's been over a year!!!

Well it's been just over a year since Way Up High films officially started making beautiful wedding films for couples in love :) All our couples have been absolutely amazing!!! Thank you to all  for being so friendly and welcoming on your wedding day- it is such and honour to be a part of one of the most important days in your life and there is no greater reward for us than hearing how much your film meant to you :)

Please go to our vimeo page to see our most up to date films and see how we highlight what we believe honestly represents in a timeless fashion the inspiration, fun and excitement of each individual couples special day. Trust us when we say the day flies past in a flash!!! At the end of each and every wedding we film, we hear the words, "I can't wait to see the video" as we believe this is the moment it hits home how important is is to have the day filmed!

This is what it is all about;

Kara, "I can't even describe how in love I am with this video! It's beyond Amazing! I haven't stopped watching it." Mimi and Chris
"We got our film and we love it. I can't tell you how many times we have watched it." Penelope and Chris

Can't wait to hear from you if you our thinking of having us film your wedding. Please email us soon as 2017 is filling up!!!


Wedding Video Teaser - Emma and Joseph @ Summerlees

Growing up in Ireland, Emma and Joseph were both unaware that they grew up almost next door to each other in the next village. After travelling 15000km away from home their paths finally crossed  in Australia.  They were married at the beautiful property of Summerlees in the Southern Highlands. Such a unique and beautiful experience to spend the day with a both family's who travelled so far to see this wedding. Here is a sneak peak at some of the footage that was captured on the day. Already looking forward to working on this wedding video. Have a look at the instagram clip...


Jenni and Nick Bendooley Estate wedding

Wedding Video Australian Botanic Gardens

Southern Highlands Wedding Fair

Today Way Up High Films spent a glorious, rain free day on the beautiful Bradman Oval in Bowral. Thanks to all the those couples who came and said hello today and all the other vendors who took part. The southern highlands is one of the best places to have your wedding and we love filming weddings in this beautiful part of the country. These events also provide another great opportunity for couples and vendors alike, that is to meet your prospective vendors in person. We encourage all couples to set up face to face meetings with vendors and these events just make this so much easier for both parties. As filmmakers we feel there is great benefit in meeting your couples before the big day. From the couples point of view, hiring someone to film your wedding requires a great degree of trust. Meeting us in person goes a long way to developing that relationship. 

Sydney Wedding Video at St James Church Sydney

Hello again!

Friday was a special day for Way Up High Films. We shot our first wedding film at Sydney's oldest  standing Church building  St. James Church on York St. Sydney for Chris and Penelope. Chris and Penelope are a inspirational jetsetting couple that currently reside in the rural setting of Glenn Innes (country NSW), For their special day they decided to bring family and friend together heart of the Sydney, The Rocks. We love it when our couples possess the passion, energy and sense of humour needed to battle the peak hour crowds of Martin Place to get the perfect shot for photoshoot. Can't wait to get started on this Sydney Wedding Film. Stay tuned...