Centennial Vineyards Wedding

Here is an example of why the southern highlands should be considered the number 1 destination for weddings in New South Wales. Sarah and Alistair. Choose any one of the amazing venues such as Centennial Vineyards, find a place to stay at the many wonderful homes that you can rent for the weekend. Make sure your guests are looked after after the event by busing them back to one of the great 5 star hotels available and sit back and enjoy the show. Get up the next day and continue the party back at your house :) I am not sure many places give you this level of awesomeness. If you are like Sarah and Alistair with people travelling from all corners of the globe then you can't provide for your guests anything less than what this amazing couple have achieved on they special day. Of course to cap things off you may have to have the amazing Tami Sussman travel up the hill from Maroubra to be your celebrant! That always helps ;)

Jenny and Matts Romantic Bendooley Estate Wedding

There is a wonderful thing about being from a regional town, where everyone knows everyone. Jenny found us through her friend who was a bridesmaid at another wedding we filmed. There is now a whole group of couples from Golburn who have had us film their weddings and it is great to see a few familiar faces every time we shoot one! Jenny and Matt chose Bendooley estate for their day, and wanted a fun and romantic wedding. They certainly achieved that and more. With their hilarious bridal party, and flower-nan in tow, this was a wedding to remember! Enjoy...

Style and Super 8 Footage

Happy Friday all :) I thought for this Friday's blog I would indulge and be a little nerdy by letting the world know how excited I am to have purchased a Nikon R10. Filming in Super 8 or with any type of film format regardless if it is still or moving image for that matter is as pure as you can get in the business of image capture. All these cameras were build so well and most have never had one service in the 40 or more years they have been running. They are so fun to use and have such a great romantic nostalgic presence on the screen. That being said we know this equipment doesn't work for most events we cover as they compare very poorly with the quality of todays video/dslr cameras that are just incredible when you consider the differences in image quality and the ability to capture hours of footage in a small compact card (and so small). We love the modern technology and we also love its ancestry and that every now and then we get to bring this format back to life for some of our couples. Make sure you let us know if you are interested in bringing this along. 

The Arriflex of Super 8 cameras. For film nerds this refers to the first reflex movie camera made by Arri for motion picture productions. So awesome!!!!!!!!!!! lol

The Arriflex of Super 8 cameras. For film nerds this refers to the first reflex movie camera made by Arri for motion picture productions. So awesome!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Lonie and Christophers Majestic Blue Mountains Wedding Film

Every time we film in the beautiful Blue Mountains, we are in awe of the landscape and the light. Light becomes warm and diffused and the most amazing colours come out! Lonie and Christopher's retro styling on the day was on point as was Lonie's vintage wedding dress! This was a wedding that reflected this couple beautiful and it was an absolute pleasure to film their day! Photography by Ona Janzen with their reception at The Hydro Majestic, Meadlow Bath.

Laura and Mark - Bendooley Estate Wedding

We can't count off the top of our heads how many weddings we have filmed at Bendooley Estate however one thing we always remember is the consistently awesome staff, the incredible food and wine and of course how they make sure your vendors are looked after :) One thing that is never the same are the couples and the different energy each one brings to the wedding.  Some just want to have fun and celebrate that they get to spend the rest of their lives together . This is one of those films to watch again and again and again. Thanks Laura and Mark for putting on such a fun epic wedding!!!