Rebecca and James - The Springs, Peats Ridge - Highlight Film by Way Up High

Bec and James came to us through their friends Jessie and Adam, whose beautiful wedding we had filmed earlier in the season. Both had a unique story and also expressed a unique style that really represented who they are. This we feel is important for every couple to express on their wedding day and as storytellers becomes something we aim to demonstrate in our films. Choice of venue, location and styling really does symbolise a certain character that is yours to express on your big day. It is clear to see in the film and the photos that all these things are stunning and inspirational. The genuine love and affection between Bec and James and all their amazing family and friends was what really moved us. At all weddings we look especially for these moments. Sometimes there are just so many of them :)

Venue - The Springs

Photographer - Sarkodie Photography

Celebrant - Celebrate with Kate

Flowers - Fiddlesticks Floral Design

Stylist - The Springs

Band/DJ - Baker Boys

Gown - Marry Me Bridal - Jack Sullivan Bridal

Cake - Sugar and Bliss Cake Designs

Georgia and Alex - Peppers Manor House, Sutton Forest - Highlight Film by Way Up High

So much of each wedding has a deep connection to family and tradition. At many weddings we see photos everywhere of great grandparents and parents on their wedding day. We think it pays homage to the special connection we have to our ancestors and the inspiring journey that has brought the couple to this special moment of time. Georgia and Alex really had a deep sense of the importance of this history and were lucky enough to hire the services of the photographer that photographed Georgia's mothers wedding. In addition Georgia also decided to wear her mothers beautiful wedding dress. Rain clouds threatened on this day as they sometimes do in the highlands but we still we managed to keep dry and make a special film that we hope can also contribute to this amazing couple and their beautiful love story.

Venue - Pepper Manor House

Photographer - Richard Gregory

Celebrant - Charyl Walsh

Band/DJ - Funky Punch

Dress - Mum's

Amanda and Aaron - Sylvan Glen, Penrose - Highlight Film by Way Up High

Amanda and Aaron originally being from South Coast of NSW now call the stunning North West coast of Australia home so to come back and spend just one special day with family and friends was never going to be cut it! This is where we feel Sylvan Glen is truely unique in that you can make the place yours for the whole weekend and experience some of the best views of the highlands. So relaxed and so beautiful! Watch this film and it'll be so obvious that when you mix space, scenery and freedom you can only end up having a super awesome time that you'll never forget. Helps to have us be there in the background :)   

Venue - Sylvan Glen

Photographer - Magnus Agren

Celebrant - Carol Lamb

Flowers - Wanderlust Blooms

Band/DJ - Something Like This

Gown - 'Le Sposa Helga' from Sposabella Bridal

Isabelle and Tim - Burrawang - Feature Film by Way Up High

Living and working in Singapore meant that Isabelle and Tim were able to take the opportunity to fly home to Australia to be with family and friends for their special day. They chose to have the the reception on the grounds of Isabelle's parents new property in Burrawang. The reception site is the exact location of where Isabelle's parents will eventually build their new family home. So exciting to witness and film these new beginnings for the family. Such and beautiful story to watch unfold...

Photographer     Milton Gan      

Flowers               Flowers on the Mill

Stylist                 WhiteTops/Ashdown and Bee Prop items 

Band                   Something Borrowed

Gown                  Fara Sposa - Peter Trends Bridal Roseville NSW

Joey and Kingsley - Centennial Homestead, Sydney - Wedding Film by Way Up High

First comes love, then the fur baby, followed by marriage which is where we come into the picture or behind picture? Anyway, we loved filming the wedding of Joey and Kingsley who achieved the perfect synergy between old and new tradition. There is something about the tea ceremony that we find so peaceful and romantic. Filmed at the beautiful parklands of Centennial Park with the ever amazing Lillian Lyon to make the whole thing official, this was one special day that will be remembered and enjoyed forever through this film. Can't wait to film Joey's sister Monica's wedding in March next year where will be able to catch up again with all our new friends :)