The First Look

We notice the First Look is becoming more and more common each year that we film weddings and honestly it is something that we love to film. From our point of view it is such a privilege to capture that special moment. Most commonly the modern theme on this old tradition includes just the bride and groom (photographer, cinematographer in background) in a private location. Our experience is that this is such a positive experience for the couple to have together. Anyone who is married will tell that once the ceremony starts the whole day will fly by in a flash so being able to spend this time together can really give the couple a chance to take it all in and feel really present with each other. Then once the guests arrive and the ceremony is over they can then focus on making everyone feel welcome to the big day. Remember people often travel extraordinary distances to come to your wedding so it is important they all feel they have spent a special moment with you act some point during the day. Don't wait to just see them on the video. The first look that you see on this beautiful wedding film of Tina and Tom at the Deckhouse Woolwich is a very special example of first look done well. So hard not to tear up. Harder when you are present at the time :)   

Kara ChandlerComment