The best time of the day for photoshoot on your wedding day

We often like to answer this question with when is the worst time. For us as cinematographers (and it would be the same for photographers) would be when the the light is directly above. The sun is harsh and can cast ann unpleasant shadow. That being said, we are personally not big fans of organising your whole day so you can capture those stunning iconic sunset shots. The priority always has to be you the couple and the comfort of your guests who don't often appreciate the main attraction disappearing for a 4 hour photoshoot. This can also end up becoming an unnecessary expense adding all those extra hours to your package. We as cinematographers capture our best footage when everyone is happy and relaxed and not stressing about photoshoot. Of course it's very important to consult with your photographer about location and time of photoshoot but it is not priority. We filmed a wedding recently for Niki and Jason who did just that. They allocated a short time for a mid afternoon photoshoot and as the day progressed and the light became more favourable we would sneak out for a few quick photos. Ironically it was these quick photo sessions at sunset that featured in the film, not so much the photoshoot. However if getting those stunning photos at sunset is up there on your list then I suggest looking at a winter wedding. The timing of sunset seems to work best with the flow a typical wedding run sheet. And talk about light, wow!!! Have a look at one of our latests films to see an example of light on a an overcast day followed by one of the most beautiful rural NSW sunsets we've seen.