Centennial Vineyards Wedding

Here is an example of why the Southern Highlands should be considered the number 1 destination for weddings in New South Wales. Sarah and Alistair. Choose any one of the amazing venues such as Centennial Vineyards, find a place to stay at the many wonderful homes that you can rent for the weekend. Make sure your guests are looked after after the event by busing them back to one of the great 5 star hotels available and sit back and enjoy the show. Get up the next day and continue the party back at your house :) I am not sure many places give you this level of awesomeness! If you are like Sarah and Alistair with people travelling from all corners of the globe then you can't provide for your guests anything less than what this amazing couple have achieved on they special day. Of course to cap things off you may have to have the amazing Tami Sussman travel up the hill from Maroubra to be your celebrant! That always helps ;)

Kara ChandlerComment